Church Effectiveness Survey
a detailed picture of a church's demographics, spiritual makeup, and effectiveness...

Church Effectiveness Survey


Church Effectiveness Survey provides a detailed picture of a church's internal demographics, spiritual makeup, and perceived and actual effectiveness as a disciple making entity.

One of the major responsibilities of Church leaders and staff is to shepherd the flock. The Bible tells us that "The Good Shepherd knows His sheep." The Church Effectiveness Survey provides the tools for you to do this effectively. The purpose of this survey is:

  1. To give an accurate picture of the congregation (The Good Shepherd knows His sheep).
  2. To understand the congregation's preferences in ministry.
  3. To provide accurate information to help you evaluate any needed improvements or adjustments in ministry.

The survey consists of 120 predefined questions. You may add up to 50 additional questions of your own. The results of the survey are cross-tabulated with the 44 cross-tabulation categories for each of the questions plus a category for every adult class and small group in your church. The resulting report gives you an incredibly detailed view of your congregation.