About Us

The MinistryMatch suite of apps consists of some of the most comprehensive church and ministry effectiveness tools in the United States. Our organization was formed in 1983 by Bob Gilliam, one of the five most experienced church consultants in America. The MinistryMatch suite offers apps to aid any church or ministry organization in assessing the effectiveness of the placement of individuals within ministry. Our purpose is to provide tools for the Church to return to its disciple making roots by energizing pastors, equipping leaders, educating congregations and evaluating progress.

Tools for individuals and ministries to help maximize the overall impact in ministry:

  1. The MinistryMatch Assessment is a multiple-construct* tool developed to measure the elements of an individual's life that are directly related to Christian ministry. The MinistryMatch Assessment is provided in both MinistryMatchProand MinistryMatchLaity versions to measure six constructs including temperament, motivated role, leadership style, participation style, ministry gifts, and ministry values. (To understand these constructs, read the MinistryMatch Definitions Book here.)
  2. MinistryConnect is a powerful tool that leverages the results of MinistryMatch to match individuals to ministry positions and ministry positions to individuals.
  3. The MinistryMatch Training Video provides instruction on the operation and effective use of MinistryMatch and MinistryConnect.
  4. Church Effectiveness Survey provides a detailed picture of a church's demographics, spiritual makeup, and perceived and actual effectiveness as a disciple making entity.

The MinistryMatch team is proud to provide these tools to help ministry candidates find healthy, fruitful, and fulfilling ministry and help churches and other ministry organizations find the right candidate at the right time!

*construct: an idea or theory containing multiple conceptual elements